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Employee wellbeing has emerged as a critical aspect of the workplace, and itssignificance is set to increase in the future of employment. As organizationsrecognize the direct link between employee wellbeing and productivity, engagement, and retention, HR professionals play a crucial role in fostering a cul.ture of wellbeing within the workforce. Ultimately, investing in employee well-being is an investment in your company's present and future success.



  • What is the future of workplace culture?
  • Importance of Employee well-being in recruitment and retention
  • Non-negligible Domestic Environment-Legislative Tilt and Policy Preferences
  • Networking
  • Sound healing therapy


  • 企业文化的未来趋势是什么
  • 员工福祉在招聘和留任中的重要性
  • 不可忽视的国内大环境--立法倾斜与政策倾向
  • 社交活动
  • 音钵疗愈


Lijuan He

Managing Partner at Shanghai Veritas Law Corporation

Catherine Huang

Corporate & Global Relations Manager (China) at BIPO Service

Walter Wang

Organization Development Director of Octave Institute

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