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This initiative will be only for those who are returning to SHANGHAI, under the following categories:

(i) Long term biz & work for those who currently work in a company or own a business in Shanghai.

(ii) Dependants – Family for spouses and children of Singaporeans who are already currently in Shanghai.

(iii) Short-term business travellers

Dear Singcham Members and friends,

Since my return to Shanghai on June 15 and my note to you on 26th June in seeking a meeting with 外事办 Shanghai's Foreign Affair Office (FAO), I would like to feedback to you on some developments.

Together with the Singapore Consulate-General in Shanghai, we met Shanghai 's Foreign Affair Office (FAO) on Wednesday 8th July on your behalf. Enterprise Singapore also joined the meeting

This initiative is to support your application process for the Letter of Invitation (LOI). We understand that some of you have submitted your information to us previously. After the meeting, we were advised that it will be necessary and advantageous to provide additional information. As such, we would appreciate your kind assistance to duly complete the form again by Sunday, 12 July, 12 noon. We fully empathize your anxieties and frustrations having been in Singapore for about half a year by now.

For those who have submitted your information, you will be invited into a separate wechat group into co-ordinate future efforts. We will get back to you in a week's time on the next course of action.

For the rest of group members who are not within the Shanghai sector, please do not be dishearten but rather view it as a collective positive first step forward. Stay tuned for more information.

Please note that the initiative is NOT a guarantee of your success on your application. Kindly continue to apply your LOI through the official channel.

Again, we would appreciate your kind assistance to duly complete the form again by Sunday, 12 July, 12 noon, as like yourself, we like to move quickly.

I personally believe that more and more, and eventually we hope all Singaporeans can continue our CN livelihood in a new normal circumstance.

Take care and be well!

Melvyn Goh


Singcham Shanghai

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