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Feel free to drop down at 3PM to enjoy a high tea session, perfect for families and dog lover! 

Walk will begin at 4pm!

Xuhui Riverside is the most beautiful running place in Shanghai. It was once a section of the Shanghai International Marathon. The entire route is along the Huangpu River and faces the Expo Park across the river. Xuhui Riverside was a former predecessor and has now been transformed into a public place for fitness. With a plastic track, dazzling night lights, and cool river wind blowing, it is the best place for a night run.

 A variety of routes, such as 3 km, 6 km, 11 km, suitable for all types of runners!

3KM (friendly route)

Begin your run at Xuhui Riverside open space, along the Huangpu River, where a rainbow bridge is waiting for you. Here, there is not only charming lights welcoming you, but also a slope to exercise some leg muscle.

6KM (healthy route)

If you feel that 3 kilometers is not enough, you can go forward and challenge the 6km route. It is a plastic track here, and the surrounding space is relatively large. It's cool in the summer night, and there are a e-flying, t of people who are active in this popular venue. Here you will meet many handsome guys and beauties, as well as foreign friends, who are running like you.

11KM (passionate route)

For runners who run often, you my challenge this 11km route. Fewer pedestrians and not many vehicles on the road. This is the road for running enthusiasts.

After enjoying the run, take a look at the riverside! This is definitely the most beautiful running route in Shanghai!


A different side of Huangpu River ᛫ EXPO Park from the other side of the river ᛫ Rainbow bridge ᛫ Lupu Bridge ᛫ Rock Climbing Wall ᛫ Adidas Runbase ᛫ Flora & Fauna ᛫ Ship Loaders ᛫ 中国海事瞭望塔


High Tea Session

High Tea session at Woof Woof

Start Walking!


Woof Woof  (大木公园店)
龙腾大道3399号 近东安路口
Shanghai Shi, China

Metro Station: Longhua Road Station Exit 6 龙华路站 6号口

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